Welcome to dog days of summer

Welcome to dog days of summer

Well, look who we have here… Either you love being a part of our email list, love summer, or love European horse racing in all of the wrong ways. If you’re new to our email list or blog, I’m Matt. You can think of me as your spiritual summer guide to all things summer. Planning on going to the beach with some friends for the weekend? Read the blog first. Trying to last an entire night out at the bar with $7 in your pocket and a great attitude? Read the blog first. Made a trip down to Mexico and got arrested while also losing your phone, wallet, and keys? Read the blog before your flight.

In short, the blog tandem of Matt and Connor have managed to get into almost every predicament you can think of and we have made it this far: washed up 5th years in college while also making an hourly wage at a professional beer drinking company. Some call it a Cinderella story, others call it friendship nepotism. We report, you decide.

So now that you’ve gotten a taste of what is to come with the summer series and blogs, are you ready to make this the best second half of summer that you’ve ever had? Are you ready to shoot your shot with that one girl at the bar to only get shot down and have another all guys postgame? Are you ready to bet on obscure single A baseball games because there is just no way the over/under is 4.5 runs? If you said yes to any of these, I would like to welcome you to the best summer reading that you’ve ever been a part of. Enjoy it, it’s going to be a wild ride.


- Matt (Director of the oxford comma, huge work beer guy, huge Suns bandwagon guy)

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