Best Drinking Games To Play Outside

Best Drinking Games To Play Outside

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Summer is here and in full swing. Lads worldwide are enjoying the sun, finding a body of water, and soaking in all the “responsibilities” of a college student during the summer. It’s sufficive to say that summer is the time for drinking and best performed outdoors. And what better way to drink than with a drinking game? Yeah, it’s time for a f***** list, baby.

My Top 5 (In order) Drinking Games to Play Outside This Summer.

  1. Beersbee

Ah, beersbee you old friend. This game is perfect for your casual 6:00 PM send in the park. The game itself is relatively simple. All you need is 2 poles, beer, and a frisbee. Put some empties on 2 poles 40 feet apart. Keep a beer in your hands at all times. One team throws the frisbee while the other team defends. The throwing team gets points 2 ways: 1 point for knocking the can onto the ground by hitting the pole and 2 points for directly hitting the can off the pole. The defending team’s job is to catch the frisbee and the can if it falls, negating points. Play to 11, finish a 4th of your drink per point. It’s a solid option all summer long. 

  1. Dizzy Bat

This game is designed with one purpose, to get drunk. There isn’t much organization involved or scoring, from my knowledge. All you need is a wiffle ball bat, a ball, and some drinks. Pour your drink into the bat, chug your booze, put the bat on the ground, place your forehead on the bat, spin 10 times, and then try to hit the wiffle bat. 

  1. Slip & Flip Cup

As you can expect, this one takes a good amount of preparation, but if properly set up, it’s an automatic summer memory. Imagine flip cup, but instead, your team starts at the top of a slip and slide. Just peep this video, and you’ll get the picture. 

Slip n Slide Flip Cup Challenge : Take Two Number 7

  1. Beer Olympics

Another one for making memories with the squad, Beer Olympics is an all-day affair. To start, you want to make 2 or more teams and be prepared with a zillion beers. Then, make a game plan on it, 5 games minimum. Any game goes, as long as it can be scored. My go-to 5 is beer pong, drunk wheelbarrow run, cornhole, flip cup, and a final case race, but feel free to get creative with it. Only one thing is guaranteed with Beer Olympics, and it’s that all parties involved will need an Uber home after. 

  1. Beer Dye (duh)

Was this ever in question? Beer dye, simply put, is more than just a drinking game. It’s a lifestyle, a society, an art form; you can go on for hours about this glorious drinking game. I also am fully aware that the guys over at Dye is Life would’ve put me 6 feet under if I didn’t put #1. So is this a pander ranking? Or is this truly just the best drinking game ever invented? Well, both. 

I hope this list finds out well in this time of midsummer madness. We’ve got a month or two left of this impeccable summer. Take some time and drink your hearts out while ya still can.

  • Connor (Game guy, is this thing on guy)

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