The 10 Best Gifts For Dad This Holiday Season

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Fellas, welcome back to the blog. It’s great to see that y’all all made it through the past couple of weekends and are here ready to get your daily dose of cultural literature. What am I going to bless you all with today, some may ask? 

After sitting on my couch for 5 hours digging through the deepest parts of the internet, hungover and eerily awaiting the moment I have to get up and pull trig, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gifts you can get your dad this holiday season. You can thank me later.

10. 4Ocean Signature Backpack Lawn chair


We all know dad’s love a good lawn chair. They also love things that make their lives easier. Lucky for you, this chair does both- plus this company gives to a great cause

9. The Toilet Timer


Dad’s across the country love toilet humor. It’s a simple yet unfortunate fact we all had to grow up with. The Toilet Timer will be a perfect gag gift that your dad will love probably more than his second-born child (apologies if this is you).

8 & 7. Dad Brand Sweatpants & Topman Skinny Shorts



Let’s be honest, your dad’s been working from home for the first time in who knows how long and he has completely forgotten how to dress. Get him some stylish sweats or shorts for all his workdays. It’s a crime to see everyone’s dad wearing 15-inch inseam athletic shorts to work every day and it’s up to us to create a change. 

6. Omaha Steak Gift Card


If there’s one thing every dad loves, it’s a good steak. It’s as easy as a simple gift card to make your dad proud of you. 

5. Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer 


We all know our dad’s love the simple things in life, that morning cup of coffee, Sunday night football with a crisp beer in hand, and of course lawn work. Upgrade your dad’s Sunday morning routine and get him one of the best hedge trimmers on the market. 

 4. Make your own hot sauce kit


Your dad going to open up this bad boy and see endless hot sauce opportunities. Be warned, he may like it so much he’ll start to think that he should start up his own hot sauce company. Stop him before it’s too late. 


  1. The Craft Beer Box


It’s 2020, most dads are getting bored around the house, and if your dad’s anything like mine, he has gotten weirdly into IPAs, pilsners, and various craft beers over the past 8 months. Set pops up with a Craft Beer Box subscription, it’ll send him new craft beers to try every month. 


  1. World’s Greatest Dad Mug


A staple to any father’s mug collection. If you haven’t gotten your dad one already, why haven’t you? He’ll love you if you do. 


  1. A Kase Mate


Was this one too obvious? Of course your dad’s going to love a Kase Mate. He’ll show it off to all his friends, will be blown away by the fact that he no longer needs a singular koozie, and will love that you can disguise it as a lunch box for any casual outing. Trust me, I’ve been searching the web for hours on end to even try and find a better gift. And there isn’t one.

- Connor (Blog guy, CEO of Dad Knowledge)

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  • Amazing that you made this list hungover. I’m sure you go hard. You seem to really know dads. Hopefully one your kids gets you some of these gifts. Super cool bro!

    J. Falstaff on
  • If my child got any of these gifts for me I’d cream my jeans in an instant

    Steve Dunn on

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