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Here we are. The weekend all NFL fans wait for every year. Even if your team isn’t in on the action for this championship Sunday (don’t worry my team missed the cut at a solid 4-11-1) AFC and NFC championship football is must-watch television. More important than watching, is winning some money, getting drunk, and having a time with your football buddies one last ride before the big kahuna.

Now here at Kanga, we don’t bet traditionally. We don’t hammer the under, we rarely bet money line, and we never bet the spread on the 1st quarter. We are more the choose the coin toss for the Super Bowl week two (It’s going to be tails btw), Throw $5 to win $600 on the defense to score on the first drive (Thanks Brownies), and most importantly, what fan base can outdrink the other.

Statistically speaking, this season we have a winning record for betting on teams who have a more hammered fan base than the others. Let’s look back at some of our notable W’s.

Week 2: Cowboys vs Falcons- Blown 21 point lead and worst onside kick of all time

Week 5: Raiders vs Chiefs- Vegas> Cornfields. Chiefs only L of the season

Week 15: Jets vs Rams- Jets are so bad they couldn’t even tank properly

Now that we have established that picking games based on how drunk their fan base gets works, we have the two biggest games of the season coming up. And no, we aren’t changing a damn thing.

Sunday, 3:05 PM Buccaneers vs Packers

Finally, it is happening. The GOAT bowl. Arguably two of the top five quarterbacks get to lace up against each other in a high stake game. Rodgers vs Brady in 2021 playing in the NFC championship game? This is must-watch television.

Drinking logistics: We have the Cheese Heads vs the Beach Bums. The Frozen Tundra vs The Sunshine State. Two polar opposite fan bases, coming together in a drinking match for the ages. Although you never want to bet against anyone who lives in the state of Florida when it comes to drinking, the Kanga SportsBook will be making an exception. Let me tell you what, all Packers fans know how to do is drink beer and eat cheese. It is instilled from a very young age and is almost a rite of passage for young Packers fans to drink their first beer when they are of age (anywhere between 7-10 years old) with their fathers and enjoy the green and yellow. I’m taking the Packers to win...and I don’t think it’ll be close.

Packers 42- Buccaneers 20

Sunday, 6:40 PM, Chiefs vs Bills

A matchup that has been predicted since Week 4 by most competent analysts (including yours truly), this will be the game to watch come Sunday. Patrick Mahomes little brother tik toking while his older brother is in concussion protocol, Travis Kelce snorting pre work out before every game, and every decent human this side of the Mississippi cheering for the Bills Mafia to make their first Super Bowl since Jason Kidd had hair. This is football.

Drinking Logistics: If it’s not broke, NEVER fix it. This one shouldn’t take much explaining. The Bills Mafia is the most insane fan base in potentially any American sport. They wake up at 4 AM when it is -12 degrees outside and finish a fifth before 1 PM kickoff. We have put our money on Bills Mafia every week this season and it has paid off big. Expect the Bills to score early and often and the city of Buffalo to literally be on fire after they go to the Super Bowl. And remember, no one circles the wagon like the Buffalo Bills!


- Matt (Shaq of blog posts, Mortgage gambler, dog lover)

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