What It's Really Like Working at Kanga

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Well ladies and gents we made it past the day of love. Regardless of your views of Valentine’s, I feel like we can all communally agree on two subjects: 1) Instagram was pretty repetitive yesterday and 2) Discount chocolate the day after Valentine’s hits different.

Now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to spend some time talking about what it’s REALLY like working at the Kanga Office. You’ve all seen the Tik Toks, the breakfast beers, and the constant tomfoolery, but is it really like that all the time? 

To put it simply: No. It’s a lot crazier.

Your average day starts at around 9 AM when Frawley and Ryan show up to the office. Followed by myself, Austin, and Logan shortly after, and finally, the marketing team hopefully getting in before 11 AM. 

We move onto our team meeting that consists of one or two (on Fridays sometimes more) breakfast beers where we attempt to come up with solutions to the world’s hardest problems: How to make Kase Mates work for multiple days without ice? Can drinking beer every day improve your health? Will Teddy ever find the love of his life?

We then move onto lunch where there is a 98.7% chance Austin is trying to get a group chipotle order, Frawley is playing ping pong with Josh, I’m playing basketball in the warehouse with Jackson, and Teddy is in the studio shooting footage and bumping tunes.

A hybrid feeling of The Wolf of Wall Street and Animal House, work truly never gets boring and we have barely reached lunchtime…

Afternoons consist of conference calls, photoshoots, engineering our newest releases, basketball shoot arounds, office pranks, and the occasional game of beer dye. 

Since being founded in college, we’ve tried to take some of the fun parts of college and bring them into the real world. This isn’t your traditional 9-5, and frankly, it’ll never be. We are unapologetically ourselves and we believe in working hard and playing just as hard. However, with all the playing, we know we need to work hard to avoid scary corporate America or “a real job” as we like to call it. Our guys work into the late nights and early hours of the morning, have built relationships with other incredible companies, and continue to make the Kanga lifestyle more of a household name. What can we say, we love what we do.

If you want to read more stories about the office, starting a business in college, sports, drinking, and anything else that you would consider fun, keep reading the blog. It’ll never disappoint.

- Matt (Coordinator of Logistical coordination, PhD)

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  • I’ll take a pay cut in a heartbeat to come work at this place

    Logan on
  • Y’all hiring?

    Tristan From Kong Beer Bong on
  • How do i get a job? I’m simply a great marketing dude.

    Eric on

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