What your favorite Thanksgiving dish says about you

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Welcome back to another edition of the blog- your favorite bi-weekly word press written by 2 guys who are gonna live off of Thanksgiving leftovers for weeks. Speaking of, the feasts of feasts is going to be absurd this year. At my personal Thanksgiving dinner, I’m expecting a plethora of turkey, uncomfortable political conversations, and at least 5 tears shed over the Cowboys game. 

A feisty topic of debate every year in my family surrounds Thanksgiving dishes. Who’s bringing what, who gets the leftovers, and specifically what everyone’s favorite dish is. And believe it or not, but after undergoing hours of research and completely making up data, I can guess what type of person you are depending on what your favorite dish is. 


You are, in the nicest way possible, absurdly normal. Nobody is going to hate on you for this pick, but at the same time, I don’t see this as a personality piece. It’s almost like calling a light beer your favorite drink. A lot of people will like your choice, but there’s nothing special about it. You probably have Christmas as your favorite holiday, a pair of New Balance 990s, and use a 3 for 1 in the shower.


You’re a contrarian. When everyone wants to get dollar beers, you want to take shots. When you got your first car, you probably looked at everything besides a mid-sized sedan. Even if you like the taste of Turkey more, you’re never going to admit it. You’re different. And that’s cool. But sometimes, you may try just a little too hard to be different. Remember that haircut back in 2016? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well…

Mashed Potatoes

You're 12 or don't like things in general. Don't get me wrong, mashed potatoes are essential for any Thanksgiving dinner, but they're the SIDE. You probably grew up liking Robin more than Batman. Your favorite part of an imported Mexican beer is the lime. If you would die on a hill saying mashed potatoes are your favorite dish, I'd bet you hate oysters. And I also bet you haven't ever had them because you prefer the standard, the classics. 

Green Bean Casserole

You're a mom, either literally, or you have the personality of one. You love and take care of everyone. You're the DD when no one else wants to be. You're probably coordinating all of the Secret Santa gifts right now as we're speaking. Also (just throwing this out there), once in a blue moon, you go f***** insane on a night out, straight berserker mode. 


As our friends over at Friday Beers call it, you're a Dooley. You're the energy, the guy that everyone relies on for the Wednesday night plan. You may be the head guy of your friend group, but you've got a soft side. You'll eat the horrendous cranberry sauce that your grandma made just, so she gets a smile on your face. Let's hang out sometime, yeah?

Cranberry Sauce

You're weird but in a really f***** cool way. You listen to Indie music that only has sub 50,000 streams on Spotify. You ferociously enjoy the psychedelic life and will die on a hill that the 70s were the best era. You prefer a chill night with the boys over going out, but you'll ride or die with your boys ahead of all else. 

Now I know I missed a couple other options out there, but let's hear your thoughts in the comments below, and maybe we'll make a part two.

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