How to use a Kanga Kase Mate this summer

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Welcome back to another edition of the dog days series: Your source of how to beat the heat and keep the drinks cold all summer long.

The world is just one giant playground for guys like us, specifically in the summer. You can go do some nature stuff, hit the beach, rip a boat trip, vacation across the world, or just sit back and relax while enjoying your free time. Nothing is comparable to the bliss of summer, especially when you have a Kase Mate in your hand. 

Wait whatttttt? Is this a salsey blog? Am I about to prosper some “sell me this pen” feng shui? Stick with me on this one, because you REALLY are going to need a Kase Mate this summer and I’m about to show you why.

For The Boat or Beach

Listen, the one negative side to any lake day is lugging 300 lbs of supplies to the dock, most of it being coolers filled to the brim. Imagine this. You, your boys, and everyone you’re hitting the lake with only taking a bag of food, supplies, and a couple of Kase Mates. According to science, bulky coolers are s***, and our Kase mates are roughly 3029% lighter (completely made this up on the spot) and keep your brews cold for up to 7 hours.

For Travel

Ever been in this situation? You just got to vacation, ready to have a carefree weekend. You’ve got a case but don’t have a cooler? Well, the shack down the road sells those bulky coolers for $90+, so you bite the bullet and have to lug that thang around just for a cold beverage. Don’t let the locals take all your money and bring your Kase Mate wherever you go. A great thing about our lightweight design is you can fit ‘em anywhere. I actually just tried it, and I was able to fold my Kase Mate up into a little pocket in my backpack. Begone warm vacation beers, hello paradise. 

For Pre Games

The pregame, something that’s been discussed in length in previous blogs, is a time for joy, bonding, and reconciliation with the night you’re about to give yourself. Now, what’s the BUT here? Ya see, pre-games are some of the best memories, but drunk people generally have sticky fingers. Ever go to a pre-game with some loose beers, and next thing you know you’re out? Oh, is that chick from chemistry class crushing your last claw? Think of a Kase Mate as a security system for your beers. With a magnetic latch and a top handle, you can securely take your drinks with you, never worrying about petty theft. 

For Your Chill Days

This is for the lazy ones in the room. As a member of the Lazy Mans Society, I can give you my personal guarantee on this one. Picture your perfect Sunday night: On the couch, watching some movies, hanging with the boys, only getting up to piss. I know, I know, sounds immaculate, right? Well, my friend, you forget about the inevitable trip you’ll be taking every 15 minutes for a fresh beer. Why waste your energy when you can just have a Kase Mate right with you? Did I just create a new demographic for our marketing plans? Matt, write this down. 

All good things are presented in wondrous ways. Some may already see their life as perfect. But what’s perfection without maximizing every experience available? And to speak my utter truth, there is no perfection in summer drinking without a Kase Mate in hand.

  • Connor (sold you the pen guy, more of a lake guy)

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