Dog Days: Crazy Olympic Betting Odds!

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Welcome back to another edition of the dog days series: Your source of how to beat the heat and keep the drinks cold all summer long.

It’s been over a year in the making, and oh, how beautiful it is. The Summer Olympics are finally here. All day long, viewers across the country are glued to NBC watching our favorite athletes go to bat. For the casual, Olympics give daily entertainment. But for the elite, each new day gives a degenerate gambler a slate few could ever dream of. 

As a proud American, I only bet on the US of f***** A. However, not all bets are created equal. There’s a different rush that goes into betting on Equestrian’s outright winner versus betting that Katie Ledecky will medal. After hours of research, I was able to find a slate of some of the most outrageous bets out there. Are they winners? We will see, but all I know is that they’re going to be electric. 

Men’s Karate Kata: Ariel Torres (USA) +6600

Karate is a first for this year’s Summer Olympics, and oddsmakers are shaking in their boots over this one. At the young age of 23, Ariel is a 2x USA Karate National Champion, a Senior Pan American Champion, and a Pan American Games Silver Medal. I love his odds this year in Kata. He gives incredible upside for such a proven winner at +6600. Of course, he’s going to have some stiff competition for the title (like Ryo Kiyuna from Japan) but if your book gives you odds at him medaling, hammer it without question.

Men’s Slalom Canoeing: Michal Smolen (USA) To Finish Top 3 +800

Michal is your classic American canoe story, an underdog who has always had a chip on his shoulder, not winning a major event since the 2014 U23 World Championship. In the 2016 Olympics, Smolen finished top 12 in the same event. Ever since, Smolen has been making headlines, moving his way up the podium, most recently placing 3rd in the 2018 World Championship in Extreme K1. Look for Smolen to be the Rudy story breaking through the canoeing community.

Women’s Sport Climbing: Brooke Raboutou (USA) +2000

Sports Climbing, another new sport for the 2020 Summer Olympics, has an insane slate of athletes. I’m putting all my money on Brooke Raboutou. She’s a 20-year-old University of San Diego student and has been nothing but a prodigy in the sport. Starting at a young age, she has been demolishing records (even being the youngest person to send on a 5.14b at just 11 years old) and has climbed the professional ranks of this mesmerizing sport ever since. Both her parents are multiple-time World Cup champions and expect her bloodline to continue greatness.

Women’s Golf: Kelly Korda (USA) +700

I live and die betting on golf. I love how even the favorites are + odds. Kelly is a young gun in the golf world and just started competing professionally in 2017. Since then, she has won 6 tour events and 1 major she won just a month ago. The momentum she has going into the Olympics is unprecedented. Expect Korda to hold her own as the favorite and win gold for the USA.

We hope this helps all of the underdog betters out there trying to cash in on freedom, love for your country, and viewers of 4 AM live olympic coverages. We will see you back here Thursday for an updated Olympics blog!

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