How to survive going back home from college over Thanksgiving Break

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Well it's that time of the year again for college students. Time to go home for a much needed break before the craziness of final exams start up and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

Going home from college can get weird. Whether this is your first time going back home since you arrived to school in August, or you’re a senior heading home for your last Thanksgiving break, we are here to help you survive the week until you can go back to school.

Survival tip #1: Get ready for questions, from EVERYONE

Regardless of if you’re 18 or 23, the questions at Thanksgiving from your extended family never end. Whether it’s if you chose a major or chose a job, you will be answering the same questions roughly 15-20 times a day. Get ready for your Aunt to judge your major choice and your grandma to ask your GPA to the third point. You’ll make it work: put on a smile, don’t get too annoyed with your highschool cousins asking you about the interlore of your pledging process, and try to enjoy the questions. Some of them can be fun.

Survival tip #2: Find your spot on the couch and lock in

Thanksgiving is a second superbowl. The only reason that family fights don’t happen until everyone sits at the table on Thanksgiving Day is because of the National Football League. Although the matchups are dated, boring, and filled with NFC BEAST matchups, you can’t deny that eight hours of football is pretty sweet regardless of who’s playing. Your position on the couch is important: you want to be next to your cool cousin or your uncle that has let you drink at family outings since you were a sophomore in high school. Whatever you do, you don’t want to be sandwiched between your two aunts that never stop posting political warfare on Facebook. Pick the best seat, eat some pie, and enjoy a relaxing day of watching your parlays slowly fade.

Survival tip #3: Go see your highschool friends

I know Thanksgiving is a time for family but make sure you go see the boys. Obviously your Thursday is out of the question but make sure to carve some time out for the guys either before or after and get a quick drink in with the fellas. You don’t have to plan some elaborate Friendsgiving with 30 friends from high school. Get your core group, hit the bars, and burn down the hometown like its prom night again.

Survival tip #4: If you have a rivalry game back at school, GO BACK FOR IT!

I get it. You’re tired, want a quiet and relaxing break, but if you have a home rivalry game the Saturday after Thanksgiving, you need to go! You only get two of them your entire undergraduate experience and it just means more (not sponsored by the SEC). Rivalry games lead to the best tailgates, best game day atmosphere, and best memories. You’ll remember storming the field after beating your rival school a whole lot more than the extra day of rest you got back at home. Trust me.

We hope these tips help make your Thanksgiving that much better. On a somewhat serious note, enjoy the time with your family, eat some good food, and enjoy it. We’ll see you here next time.

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