How the Kanga Team Spent National Beer Day

Well, well, well, look what we have here. April 5th: Ring a bell? Arguably one of the most important holidays of the year, National Beer Day is here today and boy are we excited. A holiday made for the little guy, or girl, everywhere to rejoice, sit back, and crush some cold ones. 

Can I get a hallelujah?

What did your favorite beer-drinking company do on this glorious day you might ask? We put our heads down, had all of our doors closed, and did a bunch of paperwork, all while counting down the seconds until we can leave at 5 PM…

You know we’re joking, right? 

Let me set the scene: The team gets in around 9 AM, Teddy and I showed up fashionably late at 10:30 per usual, rolled into the marketing meeting at a smooth half case deep and ready to rock. Now today was a big day, some would say it was our Super Bowl, and we had to plan accordingly. 

At this point, it’s lunchtime and we had to capitalize on having the hour off after planning out our day of drinking for the past hour and a half. We had the boys over at Island Coast Lager hook us up with some cases and set out on our office bender. 

We had spent our entire professional careers training for this moment, and it was finally here. 

And boy, do I wish I remember what happened next. I woke up sleeping on empty cardboard boxes in the warehouse, Teddy was asleep on top of Ryan’s desk, and Josh was sleeping on top of Kase Mates in the conference room. The only proof of what happened from that day into the night was a running tally of beers deleted in the warehouse. The number, unfortunately, cannot be disclosed at this time, but it was pretty impressive for a bunch of washed-up college guys.

We will try to do better next time with the whole “documenting the most important day of the year” next April but until then keep a lookout for some pretty exciting stuff coming very soon.

  • Matt (Office Sleepover coordinator, still in college, still couldn’t hang)

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