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Welcome back to another edition of the blog: Your favorite bi-weekly word press written by 2 22-year-olds who still use their old fake IDs at bars just for the rush of it.

Can I say it yet? Are we back? The boys are buzzing back on campus, tuition is paid, and campus is starting to liven up again. Going back to school in college may be the best feeling of all time. Half of your boys are out of town during the summer, half of them are summer simping with their long-distance girlfriend, and the rest are busy with work or internships. But in the fall, it’s back to basics, and oh lord I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one.

Every year requires new necessities, specifically for the bedroom. It’s a constant in my life that come May I throw away tons of shit I just end up having to buy again in the fall. Maybe I’m just aggressively addicted to online shopping, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I digress. I’m formally allowing you, yes you mother f*****, into my back-to-school shopping essentials list. Let’s go. 

Not Your Average LED Lights: Monster Smart Prism 3D LED Art Panels

Most males aged 18-22 have those stereotypical LED string lights in their room. While those are great, females countrywide consider them “red flags” and are about as basic as a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. Fear not, fellow college male, because what I’m about to introduce you to is an absolute game-changer. Yes, they’re a bit pricey. But in comparison to the uber-popular Nano Leaf lights, they’re top-notch value comparing.

Grow Up And Get a Full-Length Mirror

This one is for the guys out there who are for the first time sleeping on a bedframe. Yes, I’m talking to you, I’m really glad you finally got that $15 cot from Walmart. Massive upgrades ahead. It’s time we normalize male appearance being a priority. Get a full-length mirror for your room. Ladies upon seeing it will immediately respect you to an exponential degree more and you’ll be able to check out your fit before heading out for the day. It’s an entire $7 purchase that is a major step in being a “grown up.”

A Kase Mate, Did You Actually Think I Wouldn’t Add This?

Alright, pretty self-explanatory. You’re here reading this probably because you love our products. You know the Kase Mate, potentially you even have one. So what? Get one for your roommate, your girlfriend, maybe you just need more than one Kase Mate. There are a zillion reasons I can tell you why a Kase Mase is an absolute essential for the school year, but I’m not gonna waste your time and you can go ahead and check out our freshly stocked collection. 

A Shoe Rack, Your Closet Will Thank You

Look, I get it. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had all of my shoes just thrown in the bottom of my closet looking like a hurricane went through it. When I was moving last week I found a pair of shoes I completely forgot I had. It pissed me off so much that I did some Googling and realized I needed to flip a switch on some organizational ques. You can get a shoe rack of any size for like $10-30. It’s the little things that will make your life a bit easier in the long run. Get a shoe rack. Remember the shoes you own. Look fresh. Repeat the process. 

Stop using two for one and invest in some decent shampoo & conditioner. 

It took me 4 years of college and a rapidly receding hairline for me to realize you need to take care of your hair. If you’re a guy still using Old Spice or a random 2 for 1 in your shower routine, I pity you. It’s tough to say, but taking care of your hair early can hopefully lessen your chances of having a widow’s peak like I’m rocking. 

I gotta ask boys, is this the type of content y’all are liking? Let Matt and I know so we can pump out more content just like this magic. 

  • Connor (Still balding guy, putting myself together guy, takes a couple of years guy)

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