Back 2 College part 2!

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It’s that time of the year again: our summer interns have returned back to school, campuses are filled again, football is right around the corner, and hopefully *knocks on wood* have a normal year of college.

Whether you got to campus two days ago, or if you’re starting 17th grade like yours truly, you can’t deny the awesome feeling of the first week of school. Syllabus week is a time like no other: school REALLY hasn’t started yet, reuniting with friends for the first time in months, and not feeling too guilty for drinking at 2pm on a Monday.

With all this said, you need to make sure you are ready for the school year ahead. We made a list of must have items for your college experience, thank us later!

Shower shoes:

Yes, laugh all you want but these are a lot more useful than you think. Do you really trust your hall-styled dorm that is old enough to have housed your grandfather? Get a pair of shower shoes. Trusting your fraternity house hallways to and from the bathroom? Invest in a pair of crocs. Do I need to say anymore? Regardless of where you’re living in your college town, unless it’s brand new, the years of college students that have come before you probably didn’t show a Marine level of respect and cleanliness to your restrooms. Choose a pair and enjoy ‘em, your feet will thank you later.

Grocery store rewards card:

Nothing will make you feel older than not only getting your own groceries but also applying for a rewards card at checkout. Unless you’re going to your home-town university, you can no longer use your parents phone number at Harris Teeter. You’ll save thousands of dollars by the time you get your tens of thousands of dollar piece of paper diploma, and you can spend that money on more useful things like beer. But in all seriousness, do this you’d be surprised how quick it’ll add up!

Finding the best value gas station/beer store:

We all know that one place. It looks more like an abandoned building rather than a place of business. A place that has Bud Light posters from 2002 and smells like the inside of a 1920’s speakeasy. You’d be surprised how much cheaper beer, soda, liquor, etc will be when you leave the main block of your college town. Similar to the grocery rewards card, if you can save 2 or 3 bucks on a case of beer per trip, you end up being able to have some spending money after the first month of school. *THIS IS ADVICE FOR PEOPLE OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE*

The Kase Mate:

You really thought we were going to leave this one out? We made this product in college, for college students, for college situations. Heading to a syllabus week darty? You’re going to want this. Heading to the pregame for thirsty thursday? Don’t leave this at home. First football game of the year? Do we even need to keep going? Team, the Kase Mate is a crucial part of the college experience and will let the cool times stay a whole lot cooler during the best four years of your life. 

Do you have kids/ younger friends or family members heading to college? This is a gift that they will ACTUALLY USE, we guarantee it

We hope this list helps make college a little bit easier and saves you a couple bucks. Let’s make this the best semester yet, welcome back to the show.

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