Why we are now Memphis Grizzlies Super Fans

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Welcome back to another edition of The Blog: your favorite bi-weekly written word press from your favorite beer drinking company. 

For those of you who don’t know, our company is located in the middle of God’s country, South Carolina: The Upstate of South Carolina is known as God’s Country because of its rolling hills, beautiful mountains, bright blue lakes, and a laid back lifestyle.  The only thing that the Upstate of SC, or any part of our southern state, is missing is professional sports teams.

Don’t get me wrong, Greenville Swamp Rabbits minor league hockey games are some of the most electric atmospheres I’ve ever been apart of; however, the state of South Carolina is long overdue for a professional sports team. (I know we share the Carolina Panthers, but we all know where their stadium is located).

How did we become fans of the Memphis Grizzlies? Is it because Ja Morant is arguably the most lethal scorer in the NBA? Is it because Memphis is the second closest NBA team to our office geographically? Is it because the last time we were in Memphis I survived an entire weekend with $7 to my name? Or… is it because they were the first NBA team to ever tweet at us?

A mixture of everything really, but mostly the last one. Yes, it’s true the Memphis Grizzlies randomly tweeted at us last week. Your boy has been running the Twitter account for 4 weeks and we have NBA teams reaching out to use us for free clout? I mean, come on, that should at least extend my part-time gig into the summer right?

We have picked the Memphis Grizzlies as our team, did our research, and this is what the team had to say:

Logan, CEO “I think our company is similar to the Memphis Grizzlies. A young team with a whole lot of potential to be great.”

Teddy, Head of Marketing: “Dude, Grizzly bears are insane. I don’t really ever watch basketball but I would have to guess that their mascot could beat up other mascots.”

Ryan, Head of Operations: “I mean FedEx arena is awesome. We love FedEx and other stuff related to shipping. I don’t really care what you put for my quote just try to bring up the FedEx part of it.”

We plan on heading down to a game sooner rather than later and we hope to grab some brews with Ja ASAP. We will update you when Logan gets to shoot the half-court shot. And yes, I am capitalizing on a forced corporate partnership tweet and claiming credit for it happening.

- Matt (JV basketball captain, Writing person for this company)

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