How To: College Bars

How To: College Bars

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Ahh yes, college bars. As a soon-to-be fifth-year college student, I feel like I am wise beyond my college days and am capable of giving advice that I have learned over the years (since I’ve been 21 of course) about some of the dos and donts of going to your soon-to-be favorite college bars. 

Going to the bars in college is fun. You’ve served your time at fraternity house parties and you are ready to go out and play around with the big dogs. Some of you might soon be going to, or already attending, a college that allows people to use Fake IDs. Be careful with those. Run into the wrong bouncer or cop and if you’re lucky you’re only losing $80 and a whole lot of self-confidence being shot down in front of a line full of people. But for those of you who have waited your turn patiently, this is your super bowl. I’m talking the big kahuna: your chance to do everything you’ve been waiting for all of college but ~legally~. Here are some pointers to help:


  1. Make sure to pregame. This isn’t sig chi anymore, drinks aren’t free. Unfortunately, regardless of how you spin it, 95% of people are going to have to pay some form of money to be getting a drink at the bar. Pregame hard and cheap. That way once you arrive you are ready to rock and don’t have to spend half the money in your bank account playing catch up, thank me later.
  2. Don’t show up too late: what’s worse than a crowded bar? Not even being able to get into the crowded bar. Whether its limited capacity, a popular band coming into town, or just a busy night, you could have to wait in line. Don’t spend your night hearing the crowd sing free bird while you’re stuck outside.
  3. Drink deals are key. If you live in a college town/ the bar caters to 75%+ college students, there is usually a drink deal every day of the week. Find the best deals and run from there. Even if you don’t like the bar that much, go there early before hitting your favorites. Maximizing money makes a better night
  4. Don’t go to all-girls karaoke. I still have flashbacks. Walking into a bar filled to the brim with all girls. Sounds great right? Wrong. I forgot Galentine’s was a thing and proceeded to get booed out of the bar by over 400 girls. I still have people come up to me as the guy who tried to ruin Galentine’s. Save the counseling session and just trust me on this one.
  5. Don’t leave your friends in the dust. No soldiers left behind. If you came with them make sure they have people to hang out with if you unexpectedly dip. Nothing is worse than getting downtown and your simp best friend has to go hang out with his girlfriend who didn’t want to go out. Choose your battles, but win the war.
  6. Have fun and close down the bar when you can. A feat that not many people can attest to is having a perfect week. Being the last person out of the bar on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Nothing feels better, and worse in the mornings is closing down the bar with a group of good friends. 

Hopefully, this has helped make your college experience a little bit better. If you’re ever questioning staying in or going out, go for the latter. I know you’ve heard it before but this whole “college” thing moves really damn fast. Enjoy it while you’re there. Catch y’all downtown soon..

  • Matt (5th year, lover of karoke) 

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