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Welcome back to another edition of the blog. We have a whole lot to cover in this week’s sports corner.

March, man. Where my media consumption and lack of already non-existent exercise goes up an additional 250%

March, man. The only place where we can get matchups between Oral Robert’s and MoreHead State and the announcers can keep a straight face.

March, man. Where not even Sister Jean and the holy spirit can help her team shoot above 30% from the field.

What a month. There is no other stretch of sports, even during a Pandemic, where any workplace, classroom, or synagogue is less productive. Everyone buys into maybe one day getting that perfect bracket. And I can, unfortunately, tell 95% of you that your Alma Mater, or current school, is not making a deep tournament run as a soft 13 seed.

WOW. What a tournament. I don’t know about y’all but this has been one of the best tourney’s I’ve watched potentially ever. I know, I know, both of our brackets are royally screwed. My last hope was killed when Michigan caught the hands of Bill Walton’s UCLA boys last night and the last leg of my 7-part parlay fell to its grave.

So what do we do now? No traditional blue bloods (unless you go back 40 years for UCLA), no ACC teams, no Big 10, what the heck have we been left with.

We’ve been left with a whole lot of money to be made. Five words, eight syllables. Say it with me, everyone: THROW THE MORTGAGE ON GONZAGA. As simple as that. We have been blessed by the basketball betting God’s and the boys at Caesar’s P are pooping their pants over the amount of money they could potentially lose on these last four games. 

TIMME and the boys are entering as a 13.5 point favorite in the Final Four. If that doesn’t show a lock, I’m not sure what will. This is the time to be legendary with your picks. I believe in you.

P.s please don’t fade me for my can’t lose sweet 16 parlay that lost every single leg. I swear Sister Jean messed up my whole tempo.

- Matt ( Lover of March, Hoop dreams, and the triangle offense)

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