Summer Bucket List Pt. 1

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Welcome back to another edition of the blog: Your bi-weekly source of all things happening in and around the world of Kanga Coolers. This week, we’re coming at you with a dynamic duo blog- Shaq & Kobe, Steph & Klay, Bryson DeChambeau & being the least likable human alive… That type of vibe. 

Alas, it’s summertime. Schools out, bars are open, beaches are poppin’, Matt and I are watching all of our friend’s graduate- Hot boy summer has been activated. It’s time for the Kanga Bloggers Summer Bucket List.

Connor: Lose Some ‘Rona Weight

I haven’t been shy about it in the past, but my “Rona Weight” has gone too far. I haven’t been in a legitimate quarantine since last August, but any weight I’ve gained since the start of the pandemic I’ve considered “Rona Weight.” My big bucket list item is to use perfect weather to get in shape. So far, I have a workout plan revolving around beer dye (it’s an athletes game), walking instead of driving to the convenience stores near me, frequent wakeboarding on my father’s boat I tell people is mine, and possibly walking into a gym once. Let’s see how it goes. 

Matt: Learn how to only have “a couple beers” when going out

Did you watch The Last Dance documentary during quarantine? I feel like I can be considered the Michael Jordan of the pre-game. Getting everyone to a level of excellence both in and outside of the bar is a full-time workload. I make the sacrifices needed for my squad to have a good night out. Does that mean that I have a full day hangover the entire next day? Maybe. Am I a 5th year in college still drinking like a freshman basement party at SigChi during rush week? The science isn’t advanced enough to tell; however, similar to Connor this could help with the ‘Rona weight and not adding an additional 2,000 calories of beer daily Thursday-Sunday.

Connor: Make it to The 4th of July Party

With this one, I genuinely believe I’m cursed. For the past 3 years, for one reason or another, I haven’t actually made it to the party on the 4th. In my freshman year, I was out of town with my family. My sophomore year, I hadn’t mastered the art of rallying and slept through every firework in the city of Austin. And my junior year… Well, I had corona. It was sick. This year I’m not letting anything stop me. I’m going to be drunk, watching fireworks, maybe full body painted in red, white, and blue AT THE PARTY.

Matt: Make it to work on time 

A problem that arises in the Marketing department of Teddy and Matt is the inability to show up to work on time. Is it due to product testing the night before? Is it because we both live an hour away from the office? Or is it poor time management skills? I’ll let you be the judge but the boys are usually coming in closer to 10AM then 8 and this is the summer of getting swole and getting “better at time management or it will reflect in your quarterly report” whatever that means. So catch Teddy and I showing up at 8:30, after being in the gym for the past two hours of course, and being the most on time people there ever was.

Connor: Actually Send it to Folly Beach 

For the past couple of summers, my friends and I have all planned to make the trip to Folly at my friend’s beach house. And as most things go, the plan has always fallen through. But, this year, we’ve got the dates set, the plane flights scheduled, legit everything we need. I just need to wake up in time for this 6:00 AM flight and get to f***** Folly. 

Matt: Average one sink per game in office beer dye tournament

Now this is more of a dream than an actual feasible goal. Over the past year, we have been training for the annual office beer dye tournament and it could happen. Does this mean I have to sink per game? Not at all. Do I need to have multiple sinks in a couple games to make up for lackluster performance? Absolutely. The first step is believing in yourself and I know if there is a will (and I face Josh at least one game) there is a way.

With a summer of dreams ahead of Matt and I, there’s little to stop us. We’ll try and stop in the barrage of chaos every now and then to keep you up to date on how our bucket list is planning out. Will I make it to Folly and the Fourth of July party? Will Matt get a sink per game? Only time will tell with that one.

  • Matt & Connor (Blawg Gawds, Recreational Guys By Day, Sophisticated Gents By Night)

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