22 is a weird age part 1

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Whats up and welcome back to the blog, your favorite bi-weekly written word press. This week, I’m coming at you hot with a little bit of a personal rundown. Matt and I are both 22, and let me tell you, it is a weird age to be alive. Let me explain. 

To start, it seems like everyone at 22 is sitting in a very varied place in life. No one’s got their lives fully figured out until they’re at least what, 35? Is that the golden age we’re looking for here? It’s not 22. But then again, who knows.

By the time you’ve hit your Taylor Swift year, you’ve got a ton of different people you know in other walks of life. High school, college, sports teams, orgs, coworkers, that guy whose name you don’t know BUT when you see him downtown you’re the best of friends… you know what I mean. Your social network has expanded at an exponential rate by the time you’re 22. It’s awesome, yet terrifying at the same time. No one quite knows what’s going on. 

I’ll scroll on Snapchat to see what’s up with some people I’ve known over the years, and every time it’s a mind warp. I see people who still live at home, people who are working full-time and living across the country, people who are living similar lifestyles to me (big relief), and I see people who are getting MARRIED. It’s weird, I can call one friend, and he will be down for 1 AM beers on a Wednesday, and I can call another, and they’ll tell me all about the new house he’s getting with his soon-to-be fiance. 

Oh, and I haven’t even hit on the fact that you know people across the country at this point? What the hell is that? 4 years ago, your entire circle of friends was probably within a 10-mile radius of your childhood home. Now, for me at least, I’ve got friends in Massachusetts, California, Florida, Singapore, and I work for a company based 1,000 miles from where I live. 

And what about me? I’m chilling here in a frat house, still with another year of college I’ve gotta wrap up, writing a blog. That’s where I’m at and I’m damn proud of it. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’m some enlightened guru on these things, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you’ve gotta just ride with whatever you’re doing and own it. Especially at 22, there’s still a ton of our story that hasn’t been told yet. 

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