POV: You Still haven’t found your dad a gift for Father’s Day

POV: You Still haven’t found your dad a gift for Father’s Day

Picture this: You are sitting around at work during your lunch break and check your email. It’s a hot summer day and you are trying to figure out anyway to leave work early and head out to the golf course or lake. You are scrolling through FaceBook and keep seeing all of these ads for older men. “Am I really that washed up? I just graduated college a couple years ago, why the hell am I getting Dad ads??” 

Then you realize…. Father’s Day is THIS Sunday! How could I have forgotten?? You start to feel the sweat traveling through your work shirt and are contemplating what you could possibly do on the Wednesday before Father’s Day. 

You’re 27.  A handmade card won’t cut it anymore. You need to think outside the box. 

What does dad love? Golf. Grilling. Beer. Well I can’t just get him a box of golf balls, he’ll run through those after two rounds. Don’t think a new spatula would really put a twinkle in his eye either. I swear my dad has everything a dad could ever need...

What if we combined all of these things: Something to have in the back of the golf cart, right next to the grill, and obviously something to keep the beer cold.

Make your dad the cool dad out of his friends. Get him the hottest new cooler in the game that doesn’t even require ice. When all of his buddies are getting dripped on by melted ice, your dad will be bouncing between tee boxes with cold beers and Mickelson-esque confidence.

Get your dad something he can truly enjoy. Remember, Father’s Day is only celebrated once a year, treat your old man accordingly.

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