Dog Days: College Advice for Seniors in College

Dog Days: College Advice for Seniors in College

Welcome back to the dog days blog series: your favorite blogs written by two washed up 5th years trying to hold on to the college days for dear life.

I’m not exactly sure where all the time has gone but it is July 21st, meaning the last week and some change of July is here. More so, meaning that the school year is kicking back up very soon.

Normal school? Yes please. It seems like a lifetime ago when we had full classrooms, no masks, and a proper football tailgate. It even got to the point where I missed walking across campus on a 98 degree day. College, we’ve missed you and we are ready for a near normal year this fall and (hopefully) every fall after this.

So what could possibly go wrong from an academic, social, or environmental standpoint with bringing in tens of thousands of 18-22 year old kids after being locked inside for the past year and a half where half of said student body population has never been to the campus? Yea, that sounds like the plot of the newest American Pie spinoff…

College is all about traditions: fight songs, random statues on campus that have good or bad luck depending on the day, stealing a brick from your favorite part of campus, etc. How the heck do we expect anything to be normal again? 

If you’re like me and are worried about the new normal not being that normal at all, we need to take a deep breath. College is college, regardless of how you spin it. There will still be thirsty Thursdays at your favorite bar, freshmen (and maybe sophomores) getting lost the first week of class, and football will be back at 100% capacity. EVERYONE BREATHEEEEE

However, I have made a couple goals to accomplish this fall for seniors on campus and hope to see some of y’all do the same. So let’s knock the dirt off of our party shoes, start drinking at 7AM on game days again, and really dive back into this whole college thing, shall we?

  1. Go to, or watch, every football game
    1. Now depending on the school you go to this could be either the easiest feat in the world or one of the most painful. Regardless of if you’re school is ranked preseason #1 or #500, being back in a full football stadium will be special. Enjoy it and try to go to as many games as humanly possible. We never want to live in a world with fan-less college football ever again. Playing an away game two and a half hours away? Hop in the car and go visit a new college for the weekend. Traveling 15 hours to Syracuse? Hope you and the boys like podcasts. Let’s get back out there and enjoy college football both home and away.
  2. Walk to class (if you live close enough)
    1. Team, our classroom is no longer in our bed on zoom. It’s time to get back out there and enjoy being on campus again. I know, I know, you’ll sweat through that all cotton greek life shirt walking to campus in August, but it’s time to go back. Talk to people, eat in the shitty dining hall (and like it), and hang out on campus again. You’re never too old or too cool to spend some time walking around the place you’ve called home for the past three (or four) years. You’ll get flashbacks of Freshman mixers, probably see some distant friends and classmates you haven't seen in a while, and actually feel like you’re in college again. Thank me later.
  3. Enjoy the hell out of the weekend
    1. Darties, tailgates, day drinks, whatever you want to call them, go all out. Just because you’re an old dog, doesn’t mean you can’t learn new tricks. Also someone is going to need to show the new guys how to properly do the occasional dunk-a-roo or shoeey, right? Where else besides college can you have 500+ people in a backyard of a two bedroom house and get away with it? Enjoy the weekends and don’t try to be the guy who is too cool to go out with your friends, you got the rest of your life to watch that Netflix special.

For all the seniors, fifth years, or anyone else that is beginning the final chapter of college, enjoy it, drink cold beer, use your Kase Mates, and make the most of it. The only way to get the past year and half of college back that we just missed is to go out with the biggest bang you can imagine. I can smell the 3AM drunk conversations from here. 


Matt (big college guy, football guy, walker of campus guy)

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