Part 2: Grand Teton National Park

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To Kick Off Spring and promote our new Native Design Line, our team of dedicated product testers hopped in the car and headed west. The Mission? To find the ideal environments/activities to showcase for each Cooler, or as we see it, their "Native" Environment. So, with the end goal in mind, our team set off to conquer the west, get in some trouble...And take the edge off a little bit.

Our Story Starts where we left off, with the rocks in the rearview, our team was looking for a change of scenery. So naturally, they went on a journey to find snow. And oh boy did they find it.

Grand Teton National Park, truly a place of wonder. Snowcapped Peaks, Buffalo as far as the eye can see...and fresh powder. Plenty of fresh powder. Not to mention the snowmobiles! Honestly, watch the video and find out why this stops so so great!

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