Part 1: Arches National Park

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To Kick Off Spring and promote our new Native Design Line, our team of dedicated product testers hopped in the car and headed west. The Mission? To find the ideal environments/activities to showcase for each Cooler, or as we see it, their "Native" Environment. So, with the end goal in mind, our team set off to conquer the west, get in some trouble...And take the edge off a little bit.

Our Story starts at Kanga HQ, this is where our team met at 3am to head out and drive 15 hours through the night to Texas. Not exactly the ideal scenario, but our team is a group of dedicated individuals and are willing to stop at nothing to achieve their goal. So we drive! Fast forward 15 hours, and our team has arrived in Texas, stopping off only for food, fuel, and a little bit of shut-eye before another big day of driving.

The Next Morning our team leaves from Texas to complete the drive to Moab and prepare for a day spent with cases of cold beer, a slab of rock to climb, and good friends. Before arriving at the Campground, the guys made a quick pit-stop to pick up some beer and food for the next day. And now time to sleep.

Finally, the day has arrived to do some product testing! But first, we have to be responsible adults and check the gear, eat, and scout the wall for the best/safest place to set up camp. And now...finally it's time to take the edge off!

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