Welcome to MUS 132: Intro to Aux Cord

Welcome to MUS 132: Intro to Aux Cord

Welcome back to another edition of the blog: Your favorite bi-weekly word press written by 2 Grammarly Premium subscribers. This week I’m here to bless you with something few people know how to do. I’ve been considered the Aux Maestro within my friend group for a while. It’s a daunting responsibility and you’ve gotta be ready to please the crowd at all costs.

What does it take to win the aux game? Do you have what it takes? While I’m not Dillion Francis, I know how to get the pregame bumping. Let me take you on a little journey. Just hang a while and maybe you’ll learn how to become a pass-the-aux professional. 

There are so many things you need to consider while pregame auxing. Is it a boys’ pregame? How drunk is everyone? What is the occasion? Are the girls actually coming this time? 

Assess The Situation

The key to it every successful aux master is aligning with the vibe for the night. You’ve gotta be able to read the room. The difference in music during a boys’ night out pregame vs. a semi-formal pregame is astronomical. How drunk is everyone? What is the occasion? Are the girls actually coming this time? All of these questions need to be answered to make the night right. 

An Aux Maestro has to be prepared for anything. Multiple playlists with multiple genres. Not sure what the vibe is? Luckily, there are these incredible songs I refer to as “basic crowd-pleasers.” You know ‘em- Come Get Her by Rae Sremmurd, UCLA by RL Grime, The Box by Roddy Rich, What’s Poppin by Jack Harlow, the list goes on. If you want to be basic, search “pregame” into Spotify and you’ll find millions of playlists just for you, you basic b.

The First Song

This may go without saying, but the first song is possibly the most important moment in any pregame. You can’t go too hot and you can’t snooze the crowd. Examples of too hot are Chicken Soup by Skrillex, and a snoozer would be Runaway by Kanye West. While both songs are melodic masterpieces, they should never be your first song as Aux Maestro. Find a happy medium, something to get the people going. I’ll list a couple to get your brain spinning in the right direction.

Lady- Hear Me Tonight by Modjo

Runaway (U & I) by Galantis

Good Grief- Don Diablo Remix by Bastille

Love Hurts (feat. Travis Scott) by Playboi Carti

Five Hours by Deorro

Biana by Bakermat

On My Mind by Diplo

Intoxicated- Radio Edit by Martin Solveig

The Feel Good Moments

You’re 20 minutes into the pregame, you’ve stayed focused on the scene and how the crowds vibing to the music. All is well so far. This is probably when most of the patrons are 2-3 drinks deep and starting to let loose. Queue up some songs that while extremely basic, everyone loves. No, I’m not talking Mr. Brightside or Mo Bamba, get a little more creative than that. 


Heads Will Roll- A-Track Remix

XO Tour Lif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

Dior by Pop Smoke

Body by Loud Luxury

Tremor by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Armed and Dangerous by Juice Wrld

Shots & Squats by Vigiland

Sharing (But Not Playing All) The Que

This is something only an experienced aux master is capable of. Everyone at the pregame will want to hear their favorite song. Let them queue it up, why not. BUT… Don’t play every song. Move around your next songs. Does it make sense to put on Becky’s request “You Little Beauty” by Fisher right after you play “Toes” by DaBaby? Absolutely the f*** not. Get experience in the request game, let some songs ponder at the bottom and get exiled into the forgotten songs of the pregame. 

What Will Set You Apart

Every Aux Maestro has his signature songs. Songs no one knows but become an absolute vibe the minute they’re turned on. It’s crucial to have some in your bag, ready to wow the crowd each and every pregame. Luckily for you, I clock in hours on Discover Weekly, song radio channels, and random playlists to find these. Here are my recents

Summer 91 by Noizu

Drank & Drugs by Lil Kleine

Opa by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dreamer by Throttle

Used to This by Pyrex Price

Dolce by CID

Need You by Kidswaste

When I get There by Big Wild

I Think I Like It by Fake Blood

Chicago by Win and Woo

Still Talkin by Yung Euphoria

After all of this advice, and over 2 hours worth of song suggestions, I hope you are one step closer to becoming the Aux legend you can be. Remember that if done right, the pregame is always going to be better than the actual party. Godspeed brother, go have a night.

  • Connor (Certified aux professor guy, More of an EDM guy if you can’t tell guy, Off to work we go guy)

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