Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate
Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate
Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate
Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate
Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate
Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate

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Realtree 30-Pack Kase Mate


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Slide in a Cold 30-Pack Case of Beer to Keep Your Drinks Cold for up to 7 Hours- No Ice

Color Camo

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Why you’ll love it:

  • Use it iceless for cold drinks for up to 7 hours
  • Fits a 30-pack case of standard cans
  • Cushy top handle for a comfy carry
  • Handy interior slip pocket to keep your Neoprene Rooski within reach
  • Unique designs for the coolest-looking cooler


  • 8” D x 13.5” W x 10” H

What’s worse than getting a text asking you to pick up ice on the way? Trick question, nothing. Skip the ice runs and keep your last beer as cold as your first with our 30-Pack Kase Mate Iceless Cooler. Grab your cold 30-pack from the fridge, slip the box inside your Kanga, zip it up, and sip on your chilled bevs for up to 7 iceless hours. Tear a hole in the top of your box and reach right in for another round thanks to our quick-access magnetic top flap. Super lightweight, this soft-body insulated cooler features a comfy top handle so you can grab it and go from the game to the great outdoors. Pro tip: Keep things extra cool when you grab a bev and swap our can-shaped Beer Block ice pack in its place. No ice needed…no seriously, don’t put actual ice in this bad boy or you’ll end up with a soggy party foul on your hands.

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  • Made with 100% insulated neoprene
  • Washing instructions: Clean your cooler by washing it with cold water and laundry soap by hand or in a washer machine on the gentlest cycle, and air dry in a bright, open space.
  • Please make sure you avoid putting the cooler in a dark/damp space to dry OR in a dryer as the machine and heat will cause damage.
  • When your cooler is not in use, make sure it's stored in a light, dry environment to avoid mold, corrosion, and other damages that may occur.

"Bought a case for me and the boys around 5:30 and slipped it straight in to the captain. We didn’t crack them open until about 10, and they were still ice cold!"

Chad M.