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Meet The Team

      From A Class Project To Shark Tank, And Then The Fun Factory AKA Kanga HQ, We're Always Documenting Our Adventures...But This Isn't a Vlog (Vlogger Culture Makes Us Very Uncomfortable) These are Documentary Style Productions Following The Kanga Team's Journey.

     So sit back, relax, and maybe even grab a cold one. Because Once You See How The Kanga Team Does A Business Trip The Only Thing You'll Be asking is how to come work with us...Here's a Protip: Be Smart/Willing To Work 14(ish) Hour Days.

      From a class project to Shark Tank, and in The Fun Factory (AKA Kanga HQ), we're always documenting our adventures. But this isn't a Vlog (Vlogger culture makes us very uncomfortable), these are documentary style productions following the Kanga team's journey.

    So, sit back, relax, and maybe even grab a cold one - because once you see how the Kanga team does a business trip, the only thing you'll be asking is how to come work with us. Here's a pro-tip: be smart/willing to work 14(ish) hour days.



        As a proud recipient of a Business degree from Clemson University, Logan is an experienced entrepreneur who has built, managed, and grown multiple business, which allowed him to pay his way through college. As the founder of Kanga, he knows what it takes to make this company successful: blood, sweat, and beers. He directly oversees new product development and always seems to be “product testing” . . .


Co-Founder / Head of Finance & Ops

        Ryan earned a Financial Management degree from Clemson University in 2017 and resides in Greenville, SC. Throughout grade school and college, he built many successful E-commerce businesses, from electronics to sporting equipment. Utilizing and building on prior experiences, he’s in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at Kanga by managing finances and assisting in operations. Outside of Kanga-time, he enjoys adventuring with his pup (Luna, pictured), finding the next best beer while brewery-hopping, mastering the sweet sounds of the ukulele, and fine-tuning his Excel and graphic design skills.


Head of Sales

        Austin received his degree in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University. During his 4 (and some change) year stint at Clemson, he was a member of the Club Soccer Team, founder of the Technical Sales Society, as well as the social and events chairman for his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. Not to mention that he held the regional sales manager position for Beatbox Beverages. To add to his long list of accomplishments, Austin was also an ambassador for Chubbies Shorts, Old Row, Sheepshead Wear, and Coast Apparel. Since graduating, Austin decided that as an adult he wanted a more stable income, with reasonable hours, and good healthcare, so he inherently joined a startup. Now his focus lies on ridding the world of warm beverages (beer) from sea to shining sea.


Head of Branding

    Teddy (AKA The Team Hippie) is an experienced videographer, photographer, and thrill seeker. An entrepreneur at heart, Teddy’s career started with nothing more than a GoPro and an idea…”how can I make a living doing what I love?” In following his love for film, Teddy has been able to turn this idea into a lucrative means of living (for a sophomore in college). From running his own summer camps, to freelancing for countless organizations that include Southern Tide, Special Olympics, and Clemson University. Teddy continues to relentlessly push the boundaries and pursue his passion to turn every memory into a story.



Head of Marketing

    According to Kyle, his proudest moment was the day he bought his 1985 Honda CR100 dirt bike. A Philadelphia native, Kyle is currently taking time off from school at Clemson University to focus on growing Kanga. His roles include digital marketing, website creation/management, and helping out with graphic design when needed. His (lack of) experience in these fields was gained through countless hours of self-teaching, internships with E-Commerce/Marketing Firms, and online classes. His greatest assets include his abilities to "rip a wheelie" on his dirt bike and his innate sense of curiosity to understand the processes behind how things work.