Office Stories: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Office Stories: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Welcome back to another installment of the blog. You’re probably wondering, “Matt, how the heck did I end up becoming such a huge fan of the written work of a cooler company?” That’s a great question and the answer is simple: The boys are buzzing. 

So what happens when you put a group of washed-up college kids all under the age of 25 in a business center that is mostly small mom and pop shops? You are setting yourself up for something pretty awesome. Not only did they allow us to install a basketball hoop, pro-grade halfpipe for skating, and turn part of the warehouse into a semi-professional ping pong arena, but they loved it when they came in for a routine maintenance inspection. On top of all of that, because we are an adult beverage company, there is some serious product inspection happening throughout the day.

Now that we have set the stage, you can imagine that sometimes the boys can get into some tomfoolery. Now it’s all brotherly love but when your office starts to resemble a scene from Animal House, you could see how pranks sometimes can go too far.

Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we have to act like them, right? Our summers are similar to your typical 9-5: marketing team shows up at 10:30, brainstorm with some breakfast beers, and knock out some #sweet content for social media.  Sprinkled in between this hectic schedule comes way too many office pranks. 

Now an office prank isn’t your typical prank. It requires time to execute, over planning, and a whole lot of built up testosterone. Similar to Brady kissing his son, an office prank can be out of pocket, immature, and leave people wondering what they did to deserve this. The one thing that seems to be the constant: Frawley is always the victim.

Now this is before my time, but Colin aka Frawley aka Frawdawg has been on the receiving end of office pranks since they originated. It went from simple stuff (whoopie cushions, water bottle filled with beer, etc) and has turned into something we could never have prepared for. I’m talking popping the exercise ball he sits on daily, setting up water and glitter to fall onto him when he walks through a door way, but the worst was probably the week of Christmas.

Me, being the part time intern and college student that I am, went home for winter break a couple weeks early. I remember being the last person to walk out of the office and as I was locking up Teddy appeared in the distance holding wrapping paper. Not knowing what to expect, Teddy said,” Yea, just gotta finish up some stuff around the office before we head out for Christmas.” Although I had a weird feeling, I didn’t say anything mostly out of fear to make sure my office wasn’t the one under attack. Next thing I know, Frawley’s entire office is wrapped in Christmas wrapping. I’m talking head to toe, monitors, labtops, kase mates, even individual pencils, wrapped in bright red wrapping paper. I’ll let the picture do the rest of the explaining but man can Frawley not catch a break…

Leave a comment on the instagram for who we should prank next. I’m thinking Frawley again but we can keep our options open. Trust me, theres a whole lot more where this came from.

  • Matt (Head of Matt, Matt Exectuive Officer, VP of Matt’s)