Why It's O.K to drink on a Wednesday

Why It's O.K to drink on a Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of the blog coming to you six days ahead of next Wednesday to prep. If you’re like me, still in college or freshly out, you probably dread Wednesdays. You are hungover from whatever Tuesday night bar had $2 low shelf shots after telling yourself that you were only going to have a couple of beers. You feel like Sylvester Stallone in concussion protocol from the fifth movie trying to get out of bed this morning, and the last thing you want to do is head into work.

You finally somehow get out of bed, pop 5 Advils, hop in the shower, and still feel like the big man upstairs  has picked you personally to mess with today. Hop in the car, head to work, and their is a stack of a million assignments on your desk and the only thing you are currently focusing on is not running to the bathroom--


This sound familiar? Yea, I thought so. We’ve all been in a similar situation where we are WAY to hungover to be a functioning member of society. This is a ~safe~ zone. You will NEVER be judged by being hungover, being aggressively hammered at your nieces 7th birthday party, or throwing your mortgage betting on the Los Angeles Sparks.

Now my work environment might be a little bit different than yours because I work for a professional beer drinking company; but my advice is as clear for those who work in any line of business with the exception of forklift drivers. 

It is okay, if not encouraged, to drink on Wednesdays and heres why:

  1. You’re already hungover: This isn’t going away for a while. We might as well find that extra gear deep down inside of you to keep the bender going. I’m talking mamba mentality baby; all gas, no breaks, it’s the beginning of the 4th quarter (well maybe 2nd quarter if you’re looking at the whole week) and we gotta power through.
  2. Wednesday is Friday Eve, Eve: Hear me out, by the time you wake up on Thursday, you only really have a day before the official start of the weekend. Starting your bender on Wednesday, if not Tuesday, gives you a 4 night (not day) weekend. Thank me later.
  3. The best and worst nights at the bar: Wednesdays can, at times, be a trap day for a bar. By this I mean, they never know what to expect, Usually Wednesdays have the best deals because they are trying to draw people in for their down days. Act wisely, save money on the ever elusive Wednesday pitcher deals, and enjoy no lines.

At the end of the day, we can’t MAKE you go to the bar on a Wednesday. All we can do is guarantee that if you get some good buddies with you, it’ll be one of the best Wednesday nights yet. Good luck cowboy, you’re going to need it.

- Matt (Male blogger, yes that’s my professional title)

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