We are moving!

We are moving!

The time has finally come. We’ve spent the past two weeks getting ready to move into the new office and move-in week is among us. We spent the last week preparing the office: painting our walls with our signature Kanga blue, figuring out the dimensions of our full lengthed basketball court, and talking to some fire marshals on their thoughts about a slide that connects Teddy and I’s office to the warehouse. 

We are excited and thankful to be in this opportunity with everything that has happened in the world over the past year. It wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t take time to show how far we’ve come since coming up with our idea in college.

Kanga HQ Throughout The Years:

Original Headquarters: Logan’s mom’s basement: Pickens County, SC

Who would’ve thought that a company started by a bunch of college students wouldn’t be able to open up shop on Rodeo Drive? Logan’s parents’ basement was where we accepted some of our first ever prototypes and production runs. Was even home to our shipment for our Kickstarter campaign while we were all still in school showing up to our 10 AM’s hungover and closing out the bars in the greater Clemson area (I’m still here guys, why did everyone leave??).

We love Logan’s parents and are grateful to them for letting us use their home, but you could say the team was motivated to get our own space...mostly to install a half-pipe.

Stop 2: The Fun Factory: Anderson, SC 

Getting our own space, although opened up limitless fun possibilities for a bunch of 22-year-olds, gave us a lot more responsibility and finally made us feel like a legit business. 

The Fun Factory was badass. 

There is something about having a single glorified shipping warehouse in the middle of nowhere that was perfect for us. It gave us a place to all be together, have some serious fun with a halfpipe and a dirt bike, and a whole lot of good times. All of the fun stuff helped us with the whole not having heat/AC, Clean Water, and one small room that we all shared that was dubbed “The Office.” But we didn’t care, it was awesome and it was ours. As long as we are around, the legend of the Fun Factory will always be a part of our companies history.

Stop 3: Current HQ: Greenville, SC

Let me tell you, compared to where we had spent the past couple of years, moving to Greenville, South Carolina was like moving to the Big Apple. A place where we only had to share an office with one or two other people? This was the big leagues. We had a warehouse with a basketball hoop, a conference room, and a studio. This place really was home to some of our best times and biggest moves as a company, ever. This place also showed us all of the future possibilities we have as a company and gave us relationships with individuals, partnerships, ambassadors, and others who are now apart of the Kanga Family. This office is home; however, we are so pumped for our new place and everything that will come along with us.

The New Place: Greenville, SC

For most college students, outside of class,  the only thing you are worried about is what time a pregame is and the mental preparation of a football tailgate when your rival school comes into town. It’s the best four years of your life for a reason. Starting a company in college gave us a unique experience. Yes, we were able to still do everything your typical sophomore, Juniors, Seniors, and 5th years do, but we had to work incredibly hard to make it happen. We had late nights, early mornings, and times we didn’t have a second to drop off our work stuff at home on the way to the library, but man was it fun. It makes milestones in our company like this so exciting. Everyone is under 25 and has their own office (besides Josh who is moving into a glorified closet and Teddy and myself still being the “young guys”) and it feels like The Ritz Carlton.

We are pumped and we can’t wait to show y’all the new place.

Stay tuned for a ton of new content to come and many more office stories, you don’t want to miss it.

- Matt (Director of The Office Party Planning Committee)

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