I've been personally attacked by an Engineering Major

I've been personally attacked by an Engineering Major

This is something I’ve wanted to get off of my chest for a long time. It’s a burden that I live with every day. Anytime I walk to school, talk to a friend, or even meet someone new- I’m reminded by it. But I’m brave enough of a person to just let it out and finally say it. I am personally attacked by an engineering major (or two) on a day to day basis.

Let’s go back to when this all began: When I chose what I wanted to major in college. Try to look at things from an 18-year-old me’s perspective, a young buck- ready to take on the college world. I had no idea what I wanted to major in. Who the hell does at 18? I looked up some statistics for my school of choice, and as it turned out, the advertising major had:

1) The highest percentage of girls in the major and 

2) The 3rd highest acceptance rate in the school. 

You can guess what major I picked. 

Flash forward to my freshman year. I’m having a great time meeting a ton of new people. Then, I met this guy… Jack. Jack just signed the fraternity I was going to be a part of, so I went over to introduce myself as one does. You know, the standard awkward freshman in college questions: “Where are you from?” “What sports did you play in high school?” “Where are you living on campus?” “Want to shotgun a beer?” “Have you heard of Kanga Coolers? I just got one, and they’re kickass.” (shameless plug had to drop it) and then the most important to nerds like Jack “What’s your major?” I still cringe to this day thinking back on the burst of laughter that came out of Jack’s mouth when I told him advertising and him responding, “Oh… wow, man, you must’ve barely gotten into this school. Well, I’m an Architectural Engineer.” It’s been two and a half years and to this day, I get harassed by engineering majors like Jack every day.

I cannot stress to you enough that this harassment has gone far enough. Anytime I go to the library with them, “Hey Connor do you have a coloring book due at 3 pm?” Anytime I have to cram for a test, “Dude, come on, just watch TV and take notes on the commercials.” Anytime we’re all just chilling in the living room (I live with 3 engineering majors now), “Yo guys, this quantum physics conundrum spherical cycle is a pain in the ass. Connor, want to come help me out? Oh wait, you can’t.” 

Yeah, so what? Maybe I took a class sophomore year that was essentially a coloring book class, and yes, perhaps I did have to take notes on TV commercials last semester, and I have zero clue what a quantum physics conundrum spherical cycle is… But it doesn’t mean I’m not a human just like all of these high-end engineering majors.

To this day, I don’t know how to live with it. To the 90% of guys out there who aren’t in engineering, I’m talking to you. We need to figure out a way to beat these guys at their own game. We need to outsmart the nerds. How? I don’t know I haven’t opened up a textbook since 10th grade. But as a collective- a unit of hundreds of thousands of college students who are repeatedly belittled by these engineers- we can step up and do something. I’m open to hearing your thoughts as to how we should battle these guys. We stand up for what’s ours, and we take back our academic integrity.

- Connor Laird (Head Rep for all advertising majors, Asthma guy, Lover of words)


  • Igor

    I’m an engineer. We take pride in the work we do, especially at the end of a project. However, we aren’t special, we have our strengths (which I’m sure you heard about), but we also have our weaknesses. A true engineer is aware of this and respects other disciplines because lemme tell ya, most of us wouldn’t get very far without em in the real world.
    Sorry that you have to deal with those idiots, but remember, you have girls in your class, and you can do a lot that they can’t.

  • Harry

    Was this ur first freshman year? Or your second? Because I’ve heard the first group of guys u lived with were made tight.

  • Harry

    Was this ur first freshman year? Or your second? Because I’ve heard the first group of guys u lived with were made tight.

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