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April, a weird time of year for any freshman thinking about transferring schools. It’s a decision that weighs on tons of guys and gals yearly, and for a good reason. It’s tough for anyone to start over right after you did that exact thing a year ago. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Take some advice from a guy who’s done it before. 

3 years ago, I ended up transferring to the University of Texas. In high school, I was a big #laxguy and decided to take a chance on going 2,000 miles away from home to play in college. It took me a solid 5-6 months to figure it out, but I knew I needed to transfer. Even though I loved my friends there (some of which are still some of my best friends), I knew I couldn’t spend 4 years there. It was cold as shit, the social scene was very different than what I expected in college, and honestly, I just wasn’t that good at lacrosse. It was one of the most challenging choices I ever made in my life, but looking back, I would do the same thing 10 out of 10 times. 

Why am I telling you all of this? Because deciding to transfer is f***** hard. 

If you’re looking into transferring, take a deep dive and see if transferring is a good choice for you. Every situation is different. Think, “in 3 years, will I look back and regret not being here right now? Am I gaining the best experience I can during college?” You only get so much time in college, and you don’t want to waste any of it being unhappy where you’re at. 

Are you not liking the social scene at your college? Maybe you’re homesick. Or perhaps you thought that your college town was going to be very different. Also- can these things change? Do I want to just go back to my local college because I miss my family? Can I join some sort of organization that’ll make my time here more fun? 

You’ve gotta ask yourself all of these questions and countless others. Don’t let your current friends sway your decisions. I remember writing college essays in my first dorm while my roommate told me I shouldn’t. Turns out he ended up transferring a year later. Crazy how it goes.

There are a ton of things to look over when you’re choosing where to transfer—location, size, party scene, sports scene, etc. But the biggest thing you’ve gotta look at is your current college grades. Colleges don’t care about your high school grades anymore. You could’ve been top of your class in high school, sitting at a 1.6 GPA in college. And trust me, brotha, you’re not getting in many places. Keep your grades up for the time being. It’ll bite you in the ass down the road if not. 

If you’re locked in on trying to get into a couple of schools, check and see how credits transfer for each school. Most schools have an automated transfer equivalency program, and you need to run your credits through it. The biggest L I took when transferring was going from 31 hours after my freshman year back to 6 hours when I got into UT. Now, I’m sitting at an accumulated 129 hours, but I’ve still got at least a year left. 

With all that said in done, everyone’s gotta make their decision and run with it from there. Go full speed into whatever choice you make, and don’t let these few years of college go to waste. Onward, brother. 

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