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Welcome back to another edition of the blog: Your favorite bi-weekly word press written by 2 amateur trivia analysts. This week, I’m writing this one deep in the depths of studying for finals. I’m in the zone, absolutely crushing PowerPoint notes I should’ve taken weeks ago and chiming in on my group projects the night before it’s due. Some of y’all are out here in this same boat. Anyone else cruise through a weekend of formals just to get hit with the hardest Sunday scaries of your life?

My diet for the past week has consisted of ramen, protein bars, and 4 Bang Energies a day. It’s a shitty couple of weeks, especially for an avid procrastinator like myself. Luckily for you, this is my 8th set of finals, so I’ve got some knowledge to drop. 

Step 1: Get your study space down to a tee. 

You need to get your space set up for maximum procrastination. A lot of us, myself included, aren’t able to hike it to the library. You’ve gotta find a spot you’re willing to sit at and drown yourself in countless hours of Zoom recordings, study guides, Quizlets- you know the deal. No one’s going to be productive sitting on the couch with the NBA on in the background, find a desk, get ya laptop, put some pens and paper on that desk, and be ready to not move for hours on end. 

Step 2: Where’s your study playlist 

I hope I’m not the first one to tell you this… But there is approximately a 0% chance you’re going to retain any information if you’re blaring 6ix9ine in your Airpods. First off, get a better taste in music. Next, find something you can listen to while crushing your studies. There are some good playlists on Spotify for this: 

Study Music 2021

Concentrate & Study

Study Playlist

And if you’re one of THOSE GUYS who grinds to classical music… I guess I got you too

Mozart: Classical Music For Studying

Step 3: Essentials

Alright, we get it. We’re all in college, none of us are eating a great well-balanced diet. I’d be lying to you if I said I’ve had an apple in the past year and a half. This is when I’ll make an exception. Go to your nearest grocery store and stock up on some nutrients. Things like a gallon of cold brew, some Nutri Grain bars, Ramen, maybe a fruit or two- just get some quickly made snacks for you to fuel those brain cells. It’s not the week to get into cooking. Eat the easy stuff. Your time management will thank you later. 

Step 4: Grind, Relax, Repeat

No one’s tough enough to beat basic human necessities. Take some breaks throughout the day to clear your head. A quick 20-minute TikTok session won’t be the worst thing, and neither will a short blog break (like reading one of the many we have archived). Chill out for a bit, listen to your brain. Study, relax, study, sleep, repeat. 

Step 5: Figure out your actual finals schedule

The easiest way for me to explain this one is with a story. I have this friend named Wingard, a great guy 10/10 overall. I lived with him last year, and I remember during finals he was pretty chill about his schedule - didn't study a lot, and played a ton of 2k instead. One warm Thursday afternoon, Wingard went to what he believed was his final exam in Engineering Physics. When he got to the auditorium on campus, he was greeted by a janitor. Little did the Wing Man know, his test was actually at 7:00 AM, instead of the 7:00 PM time he had thought. Shortly after, he transferred from Engineering to Economics. Don’t be a Wingard. Know your finals schedule.

I hope this helps each and every one of y’all out there going through the shits like I am right now. With that said, I’ve got a coloring book final I’ve gotta study for. Sayonara.

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