How To Keep Your Life Together In College (Pandemic Style)

How To Keep Your Life Together In College (Pandemic Style)

With school starting up again across the country, there’s a wake-up call around the corner, ready to slap us in the face. Admit it- most of y’all have spent the past month sitting on your couch, watching sports, and drinking way too many Tuesday beers. It’s one of the weirdest adjustments all college students go through, especially if you have a job on top of it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert, I haven’t attended a class before 10:00 AM since I was in high school. With that said, I’ve managed to keep a decent GPA, party more than my parents would be proud of, and I’ve got a kick-ass job working at Kanga. If even a trick or two I’ve found in my time sticks with you- you’ll walk out of this blog as a winner. 

Your Class Schedule:

I’ve seen it way too many times before. Registration comes up in November, some buddies of mine will decide it’s finally time to take an 8:00 AM class. Right there, don’t do that. 8:00 AM’s in college should not only never be taken, they should be outright illegal. You may be thinking, “I mean hey I can do this, start my day early, finally be that productive morning person my parents have always been.” It’s the wrong thought. 

Something I’ve found that helps me out is stacking my classes out in just a couple of days throughout the week. Yeah, it sucks taking 6-8 hours of classes a day but guess what? You did that for 12 years before college and it’s manageable. I prefer having only Tuesday/Thursday classes so I can extend my weekend and never worry about being immobially hungover during a Friday class. It also frees up my Monday and Wednesday to work part-time. 

Your Study Space:

We’re all used to it by now- Zoom University blows. Your grades may have even taken a bit of a downfall because of it. Reality is, you’re not going to do your best work sitting in your bed with a bag of Hot Cheetos. And this isn’t even me saying this, there’s actual scientific studies that prove this.

Find a solid spot for you to work in, whether it’s in a library, a common room near you, a f***ing Starbucks, literally anywhere that you can turn into your own personal workspace. What that means on my end is that I bought a kick-ass work from home set-up. The set up in total cost around $150 and I can personally say I am more excited to actually sit here and do work than I ever have been.

Your drinking Days:

As much as we’d all love to continue our winter break bender, all good things must come to an end. Believe it or not, but drinking responsibly can extend beyond how many brews you’re going to down in one night. Understanding which days you’re going to be getting drunk can take away a ton of that college stress. Oh, you know it’s going to be a sneaky Thursday through Friday bender because it’s your boys half birthday Thursday and Zeta has a semi-formal you’re planning on crashing Friday? Proactively finish that paper that’s due at 5:00 PM on Friday and have a friend take notes for you in your Thursday Afternoon classes.

While it’s never easy to get through a semester filled with academics, social life, and sometimes a job on top of it- it’s definitely manageable and you could even feel proud about something other than your sub 4 shotgun time.

- Connor Laird (Kobe of the Blog duo, has “Time Management Proficiency” in resume, Blog Guy)

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