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Welcome back to another edition of the blog: your favorite bi-weekly word press from two washed-up 5th years trying to hold on to their college days for dear life.

Ahh, beach weekend, formal, friends going to the coast, whatever you want to call it, beach weekend is one of the most fun weekends you’ll have in college. Whether you’re a ripe 18-year-old heading out there for your first out of town college trip with your fraternity or friend group, or you’re a 23-year-old fifth-year who is a seasoned veteran, beach weekend comes with a lot of fun, a lot of drinking, and a whole lot of crazy stories.

So what does it normally look like? Around 50 cars carrying 250 people down to the shittiest beach in the state on a Friday (Thursday if you’re a real one), immediately downing the low-shelf liquor your date decided to get you, finding brief moments of sobriety to go to the nearest McDonalds or subway to stuff your face with a quick 1200 calories to last the rest of the day, sandy bed sheets in the two-star that was dumb enough to rent out to your group, and leaving the Sunday morning missing 3 out of the 5 items your rented tux came with. 

And that’s if everything goes to plan.

Sound familiar to the old heads reading?

Here are some pointers to help get you through the best weekend of college:

HYDRATE: Holy crap this is the most important one. Young bucks, this is the big leagues, the super bowl of all college drinking. Be prepared, bring a ton of water and Advil with you, and make sure you pound a water and Gatorade at least before you head to bed at 4 AM. Your body will thank you the next day and you’ll actually be able to make it the entire weekend. Liquid IV is also the move.

DON’T OVERPACK, BUT DON’T FORGET THE NECESSITIES: You’re going down for two nights. You don’t need to bring half of your closet with you. BEST scenario, you only lose a couple of your favorite shirts. You’re at the beach: bring two bathing suits, three crappy shirts, underwear, a nice outfit maybe, and your tux. Some of the most slept on items to bring: TOILET PAPER, flip flops, sunscreen, and a good attitude.

CHOOSE DATE WISELY: If you’re like me, you appreciate some guy time. Bring a date where there is a good chance she will have some friends there. It’s not worth DM’ing that girl you’ve never met on IG: yes your formal pictures will look good. No, you won’t be able to get her off your hip the entire time. The best date is the one that you can dip for an hour on the beach with her friends while you go pass the football or slam some beers with the guys. A good date can make or break the weekend. Choose wisely,

Share your location: What’s worse than your phone dying and you’re stranded in Myrtle Beach with no sense of direction? Not much. Make sure you’re going back and forth to the bars and club with another person. Because the only thing good about being lost is at least you have another person to keep you company and validate your crazy story when you get back.

Play the bar tab correctly: If you’re going with a large organization that has put together a bar tab, make sure to get there early. You’d be surprised how quick college kids can run through a 9k bar tab. I’m talking 20-25 minutes quick. Get your pics on the beach early, get some food, and don’t be afraid to open up the bar yourself.

Plan your ride home: There are only so many things you can compare waking up the Sunday of a beach weekend to, I’ll keep it simple: PAIN. You wake up, it looks like a bomb went off in your room, and the only thing you want to do is get the hell out of there. Plan a ride where A) you don’t have to drive the entire way back and B) doesn’t sleep in until you get kicked out. The only thing more annoying than the hangover is waking up and realizing you won’t be leaving for another three hours because you can’t find your car buddy.

I hope this helps you on all of your beach weekend endeavors, It truly is one of the best weekends of the year IF done correctly. Be safe, be smart, hydrate, and prepare to be hungover. My rides here, gotta hit the road to the beach. Cheers!

- Matt (Big Beach guy, brings personal boogie board to college, Liquid IV lover)

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