How Kanga is planting a tree for every purchase

How Kanga is planting a tree for every purchase

Happy Earth Day! Today is a day that people all over the world come together to celebrate the place in which we all call home and practice sustainable efforts to help push our planet to a more “green” future.


Kanga is proud to partner with EcoDrive moving forward to make an impact on this Earth Day and every Earth Day. With this partnership, we are committing to plant a tree EVERY TIME someone checks out from our site. That’s right. Every time you buy ANYTHING from our site, we will be planting a tree. WE will be planting a tree, together.

What this does is offsets ALL of the CO2 emissions between your product leaving us and getting to your door. This allows us as a company to run an almost entirely zero-emission shipping process, EcoDrive plants a tree on your behalf that will help our environment, and lets everyone involved help our Earth to become more sustainable for years to come! Pretty freaking cool right?


SO this begins to beg the question: How long will it take for Kanga to have an entire beer-loving forest of trees? Honestly, not as long as you would expect. As a company, we have already planted over 725 trees and have removed over 160,000 pounds of CO2 from the ozone. The best part? We are only just beginning. The beer forest is starting to become legit.


I know, I know. We are the beer drinking guys that you’ve probably seen on Tik Tok or Instagram. We joke around, pull pranks on each other, and we probably had a cumulative GPA of just at a 3.0 when we graduated from Clemson; however, we know if we want to keep doing what we love doing the environment has to come first. We can’t keep the beer cold if we can’t keep the Earth cold, right?


So here's to mother nature; the ultimate Milf. We love you, we will protect you, and we are hoping this small act can help us do our part in some way, shape or form. 

  • Matt (Lover of Nature, Office Green Guy)

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