How Early Is Too Early To Start Celebrating Christmas

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Well, here we are. It is the second week of November and I have already seen multiple different Christmas commercials during my long day of hungover Sunday football binging. Keep in mind, Christmas is still 41 days away…

Personally, I have never been a fan of celebrating Christmas this early. I enjoy a jammed packed month of December with the whole nine yards: Christmas movies, tree lightings, and a whole lot of eggnog. I am no Grinch, but I do like it to actually be cold outside while drinking hot chocolate or a Busch latte by the fire. However, a whole lot of people love to drag out the Holiday spirit from Halloween to New Years day and there's no shame in that.

Poor Thanksgiving, the forgotten Holiday that’s almost always overshadowed by the impending month of December. How have we allowed Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Bublé to completely dominate for almost two whole months out of the year?

I asked the Kanga Team how early is too early to start celebrating Christmas and this is what they had to say.

Logan, CEO, Christmas aficionado:

“Why is everyone so mad about Christmas coming earlier and earlier? It’s the best holiday of the year, no question and no debate. So sit back, shop a ton, watch the funny Christmas commercials, and argue about the real issue: why is Christmas music nothing but the same exact songs from 1970 every single year? “

Teddy, Director of Media, Real Life Grinch

“I already had a problem with Christmas being celebrated before Thanksgiving and at this rate we’re going to be completely eliminating Halloween if we don’t chill. We should be enjoying November before hopping straight into Jingle Bell Rock. Bah humbug."

Austin, Head of Sales, BIG Christmas Guy

"If I could, I would start celebrating Christmas in July. I could totally get behind a half Christmas celebration. Being around family, watching classic movies, and eating a ton of good food? Sign me up!

Regardless of your views on premature Christmas celebration, we can all agree with Austin when it comes to enjoying good company in the holiday season, even if it's the first week of November. But seriously, let's enjoy Thanksgiving this year and, as always, Cheers!

Matt (Director of the Oxford Comma & Thanksgiving lover)



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