A Quarter-Life Crisis After Spring Break 2021

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Very few moments in my life have I considered a “low.” I can also say I have never contemplated the past, had deep inner thoughts or even had a moment of self-reflection. It’s ¼ life crisis time for some of the boys here at Kanga. I’m sure some of you out there are in the same boat. 

A comical prelude to all of this is the blog I wrote last week, which I’m going to link below this paragraph. Give it a quick read, try and picture the mindset I was in right before taking off for spring break in Cancun, Mexico.


We’re all back? Okay good. Now if you read any of Matt or I’s blogs, you can guess that none of that advice was used on our trips. Am I even qualified to write these things anymore? Do I belong? To be honest, I’m questioning everything in my life after the chaos that ensued last week.

I told you all to never drink the tap water in Mexico. I forced that into your brains. How could I not even follow the script I wrote? I’m ashamed...

I spent the next 2 days in the fetal position on my bathroom tiles. Whoever Montezuma is, DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH HIM. He’s not your homie, he’s gonna give your stomach a 1-2 punch for days on end. 

I wish I would’ve pushed the past blog onto my boys more. Oh, Kyle, I’m so sorry Kyle. I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle a night without supervision and look at what happened. You followed some random guy from the bar like a man with a lollipop to go to “VIP.” That said, that room ended up being a storage unit across the street. What am I if I can’t help others? 

That cash I told you guys to carry? It would’ve bode well for me in Cancun too. Too bad I never took more than $10 out. My friend has asked to be anonymous, so we will call him Craig. After a night downtown, Craig was leaning against one of the fences, waiting with all of us for the bus back to the resort. Out of nowhere, a cop pulls up and claims that Craig was urinating on the fence. Whether it happened or not is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Craig was held for 36 hours at a Mexican Jail. The cop told us if we prepaid his “bail” we could simply just pay it now and Craig would be on his way. I hate myself for only having $2.43 in cash ready at hand. I failed you, Craig, I failed you.

What’s next for me after this? Maybe I’ll take a month-long backpacking trip to find myself. Or not, I’ll probably be back at it again this Wednesday getting ready for wine night with the boys. Regardless, if you haven’t gone on break yet. Take a word of advice from someone who used to call himself an “expert” and listen to what I said in the last blog. 


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